We want to become recognised as a leader in sustainability in healthcare. Our sustainability strategy seeks to drive positive change in the workplace, our local communities and the environment.

Championing sustainability

We launched our first sustainability strategy in 2022 to address environmental, social and governance issues. We aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and were the first large independent sector hospital provider to commit to this. Spire Healthcare seeks to be a net contributor to the UK’s healthcare workforce, running one of the largest nurse apprenticeship schemes in the country and supporting colleagues to develop the professional and leadership skills they need to further their careers, and quality underpins everything we do.

We continue to support equity, diversity and inclusion and promote allyship, and lead the sector in women on boards. Colleagues play an important part in their communities, and we give back to people in these areas though charity endeavours. We work hard to share a welcoming culture which is open, collaborative, and focused on safety and a spirit of continuous improvement.

"In 2023, we improved waste segregation and reduction, removing 358.15 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent of planting 1,194 trees, removing 134 cars from the roads or powering 218 houses for a year."

"In 2023, we improved waste segregation and reduction, removing 358.15 tonnes of CO2. This is the equivalent of planting 1,194 trees, removing 134 cars from the roads or powering 218 houses for a year."


Ahead of 2023 emissions target


2022: 9%
Source: Report on emissions by Inenco Group Ltd for Spire Healthcare

Dry mixed recycling rate at hospital sites


2022: 18%
Source: Spire Healthcare waste report 2023

Female representation at executive committee and board level combined


2022: 37%
Source: Spire Healthcare data

Progress in 2022

Identify and act on water-saving opportunities

Water consumption monitoring is in development and we plan to form a strategic water management plan setting out achievable targets.

Manage our waste more efficiently

Ensuring that we manage our waste properly, and recycle what we can, is vitally important for a business like ours in the healthcare sector.

Identify opportunities to reduce use of single-use plastics

The use of plastics is a major environmental issue across the healthcare industry in the UK and globally.

Our purpose, strategy and sustainability ambition

Spire Healthcare’s purpose, strategy and sustainability ambition are integrally linked to each other. By managing sustainability successfully, we aim to create lasting economic and social value.

Our goals

  • Leading the sector in delivering carbon neutral by 2030
  • Contributor to Britain’s healthcare workforce and a diverse employer
  • Protect and manage all sensitive data
  • Reduction in waste and improved recycling

Highlights of 2023

  • 3% ahead of 2023 emissions target (27,017 tCO2e achieved vs target 27,750 tCO2e)
  • 35% of overall waste is recycled, up from 30% in 2022
  • 47% female representation at board and executive committee level combined at end 2023
  • 18.9% of colleagues classify themselves as non-white by ethnicity, up from 17.3% in 2022

Priorities for 2024

  • Continue to seek opportunities for carbon reduction at all Spire Healthcare sites
  • Continue to encourage, and train for, effective recycling and waste management
  • Further increase female representation at executive committee level
  • Strengthen security measures governing the storage of and accessibility of sensitive data

Read more in our Sustainability report for 2023.

Spire in 2022

Our recent achievements

Watch our video to find out more about Spire and our recent achievements.

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As part of our sustainability strategy, we support and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs have helped us understand how our efforts align to broader global issues and where we can make a positive impact on society.