Board Diversity Policy

The purpose of this Board Diversity Policy (the Policy) is to set out the approach of the board of directors of Spire Healthcare Group plc (the Board) to diversity.

Spire Healthcare understands and values the benefits that diversity can bring to its Board, and across all levels of the organisation. A diverse Board includes and makes good use of differences in skills, experience, background, ethnicity, gender and other characteristics. These features collectively represented on the Board ought to reflect the diverse nature of the environment in which the Company operates. The aim is to ensure optimal decision-making that assists in the development and execution of a strategy which promotes the success of the Company for the benefit of its shareholders as a whole, having regard to the interests of other stakeholders.

The Company will seek to achieve a minimum 33% female representation on the Board by its annual general meeting in May 2023 and 40% by 2025. The Board will carefully consider and aim to meet any recommendations set out by the FTSE Women Leaders review (formerly Hampton-Alexander Review). Data on Spire Healthcare’s current gender and BAME diversity can be found in the appendix to this Policy.

Whilst making new appointments to the Board on merit, the Board will actively seek to secure candidates with a diverse background. Appointments will take account of the specific skills and experience, resilience, independence and knowledge needed to ensure a rounded Board and the diverse benefits each candidate can bring to the overall Board composition. The Board will promote diversity and inclusivity within the organisation, including supporting women to become leaders within the business and improving the diversity of the Company’s workforce.

Through its Annual Report and Accounts, the Nomination Committee will report on the process in relation to Board appointments. The report will also include the application of this Policy, confirmation of the measurable objectives and progress made towards achieving them, the approach to succession planning, actions to develop a diverse pipeline of candidates, how diversity helps the Company meet its strategic objectives, and the gender balance of senior managers and their direct reports.

The Nominations Committee will review the Policy, including its effectiveness, annually and recommend any revisions to the Board for approval.