Looking After You

Spire Healthcare Group plc Annual Report 2021

Our year in review

It’s been enormously exciting, getting to meet people in my first year as Chairman, and actually having the opportunity to visit hospitals again. I’ve really been struck by the commitment and professionalism of our teams, and the enthusiasm they have for what they do.

Sir Ian Cheshire

Our strategy to focus on being the first choice for private patients has provided a solid base for future margin expansion. The investments we have made over several years in high quality standards have also played an important part in keeping patients safe. 

Justin Ash
Chief Executive Officer

Financial highlights



2020: £919.9 million

Conversion of EBITDA to cash 2021


2020: 99%

Private patient revenue growth 2021


2020: £473.2 million 

Net debt / EBITDA 2021


2020: 3.9x

Case studies

Investing in digital and our estate

We stepped up our investments in quality, our core estate and digital systems in 2021. Overall capital expenditure increased to £77.1m, which included a strategic review of our Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography (MR CT) asset base.

Quality improvement

We have always been a company that has acted quickly to rectify any issues, and seek ways to improve quality right across the organisation. This year we have moved to an even more proactive approach to quality improvement, through our new Quality Improvement (QI) strategy.

Investing in talent

For Spire Healthcare, attracting, retaining and developing the most talented people to our business is a high priority. And we are committed to providing opportunities for all colleagues to develop their skills and experience.

Waste and recycling

Ensuring that we manage our waste properly, and recycle what we can, is vitally important for a business like ours in the healthcare sector. It is all about doing the right thing, contributing to our carbon reduction programme, protecting the environment, and ultimately reducing costs.