Key facts

Since Spire Healthcare was formed in 2007 we have improved our performance across a range of metrics whilst treating an increasing number of patients.

For year ended 31 December 2016



  • 94.7% of patients are seen within 18 weeks of referral (national standard:92%, NHS 89.7%).
  • Our Net Promoter Score, a measure which aligns our patient satisfaction reporting with the NHS and other providers, improved to 83 (2015:82). 
  • 274,100 patient discharges (in-patient and day-cases) - an increase of 1.5% on 2015 (270,000). 


95% of consultants believe our hospitals go out of their way to make a difference to their working relationship. 


93% of employees believe what they do at work makes a positive difference.  We provide a wide range of training, and a flexible supportive working environment.  


2016 has seen a +9% growth in NHS e-referral admissions.  We deliver value for money, price transparency, patient choice and additional capacity to help relieve pressure on overstretched NHS hospitals. 


2.5p proposed final dividend per share (+4.2%).  We aim to continue to pay a dividend in line with our policy and to return excess cash to shareholders when available.  


  • £926.4 million, an increase of 4.7% on 2015 (£884.8 million) 
  • £162.0 million Adjusted EBITDAR in 2016, an increase of £1.9 million, or 1.2% (2015:£160.1 million) 

Over £875 million capital investment in Spire Healthcare since 2007




Pathology laboratories within the Spire Healthcare Group (2016)
people were employed full time at Spire Healthcare in 2017
of the country’s most experienced surgeons and other specialists worked with Spire Healthcare in 2017