Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is part of the fabric of Spire Healthcare. Our motto “looking after you” applies to patients, consultants, staff, GPs and investors alike reflecting our responsibilities to care for our local communities and our environment.


Training the medical community

Many of our hospitals provide continuing professional development programmes to primary care staff, including GPs, physiotherapists and GP practice staff. This is because they have an obligation to continue their professional development throughout their career so they can provide their patients with up-to-date care and advice. In 2015 over 18,500 GPs and other primary care staff attended education sessions held by a Spire hospital.



Charitable donations and supporting our local communities

Charity fundraising plays a significant role at hospitals with many staff doing a variety of activities to support a range of good causes. In 2015 we raised almost £158,000 for a range of charities.



Looking after our environment

Spire Healthcare understands its duty to the environment as well as our patients and we continue to promote a low carbon culture across our hospitals. Continued monitoring and targeting of our buildings’ energy consumption takes place through our ‘Energy Remote Monitoring’ system. We are pleased to report that we are ahead of our carbon reduction targets related to consumption of electricity and natural gas. 


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2017
was raised by our hospitals for a range of charities in 2017
GPs and other primary care staff attended a Spire Healthcare educational session in 2017